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A Wilton librarian and local collector had a collection of old newspapers recycled after she discovered they had been expertly digitized by the county. She called Winters Bros. Waste Systems and confirmed that they were the Wilton trash collection service that could handle all of her needs. The Winters Bros. Waste Systems let the librarian know that we could help her with her recycling requirements, and all that she would have to do is to make sure that the refuse items were out on the curb (they were already bundled) and the pickup would be no problem.

The customer set up the garbage pickup and the Winters Bros. Waste Systems team arrived promptly as scheduled. The customer had all the newspapers bundled and waiting on the curb for our team to retrieve. The following week our team arrived at the same time for her garbage pickup again. The customer called the office to let us know that she was highly impressed with the trash collection that our company has been providing for her. She said that each week we arrived on time and our crew members conducted themselves in a very professional manner. She said that she wished she would have called us sooner, because we offer the best trash collection Wilton homeowners can trust and depend on for quality service. Winters Bros. Waste Systems is the trash collection professionals Wilton residents can set their watch by, because of our prompt and dependable employees.

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