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Our Secure and Confidential Shredding Services

Are you like one of the many businesses that we service that doesn’t know what to do with all of those confidential documents? Look no further, because we now offer on-site confidential document shredding. We can offer you a customized solution that shreds your documents so that you don’t have to worry…

Secure Shredding
Regular pickups, one time shredding needs, large or small we can handle it.

Community & Business Shredding Events
Let us be a part of your “Shred-it” day, whether your a community or a business looking to help those that you serve get rid of their documents.

Community Drop-Off
At our “mom and pop” drop off in Danbury, feel free to bring your confidential documents and place it in our secure container for shredding.


Why Shred?

There are a lot of risks out there, why add to that by putting your confidential documents in your regular recycling container or garbage? Let us handle your confidential documents and paper and avoid those potential risks.

Contact us today to develop a customized, secure and confidential shredding program

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