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The Winters Bros. Waste Systems office was contacted by a Wilton landlord. The landlord had switched companies because Winters Bros. Waste Systems gave him a better deal on Wilton garbage collection for his apartment buildings. One thing that he really liked was that Winters Bros. Waste Systems has a very large in fracture and many trucks, which allows them to stay competitive in terms of services offered and the prices on those services.

Here at Winters Bros. Waste Systems we really appreciated the kind words the customer had to say about our services and we let him know that anytime that he needed a dumpster rental or single stream recycling to give us a call. We offer more than just garbage collection in Wilton. Winters Bros. Waste Systems has a variety of waste services offered to our customers in Wilton. The landlord said he would sure keep that in mind because he was thinking about doing a bit of renovations to one of his apartment buildings in the spring and he would definitely call Winters Bros. Waste Systems for the extra garbage collection Wilton residents would appreciate. He said that all of his tenants appreciated that our company has never missed a pickup and they are always so courteous and professional. Winters Bros. Waste Systems is the only garbage company that he would call for all of his garbage collection. He said he actually uses our services for his own home too.

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