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A couple was using a garbage removal company that the past residents had used, but the garbage removal company had switched management several times (which ultimately made their service unreliable). Many times the couple’s trash was never picked up, which led to their trash accumulating in a smelly and unattractive pile. Finally, the wife called the company but was treated unkindly. She was furious. She was talking to one her neighbors about this problem, and on the recommendation of the neighbor she called a different garbage removal company Stratford residents are easily offered dependability by. That company was Oak Ridge Waste Systems.

Oak Ridge Waste Systems understood the woman’s concerns, because having your garbage picked up is a necessity. We let her know that we go that extra mile just to please our customers. We have been providing reliable and dependable garbage removal Stratford residents could set their clocks on. Our service team are always on time. The lady was thrilled, and asked us to start immediately. The next scheduled day we picked up her trash, on time as scheduled. It has been a month since the customer started service with Winter Bros. Waste Systems, and we called her to see how her services has been going. She said that she is blessed to have called the garbage removal specialists, because not once has her garbage been forgotten.

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