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Winters Bros. Waste Systems received a call from a Sherman hairdresser. She explained that she was a widow, and she needed to move on, so she decided to finally throw out her husband’s massive collection of old newspapers. She had put this off for quite some time, but she knew the only way to move forward would be this first step. She had kept and preserved the important keepsakes, and now with the help of the best recycling and trash removal Sherman could offer she had a better handle on how to move forward.

Winters Bros. Waste Systems understood her circumstance, and let her know that our trash removal team would assist her with her husband’s old newspaper collection. We wanted to make this process for her as easy as possible. All she had to do was set the stacks on the curb, and our team took care of the rest. Our team is very considerate, especially in these type of circumstances. Once all the newspapers were removed we told her that if there was anything else we could do for her to just give us a call. We mentioned our roll-off dumpster rental services, and she said that she might just have to take us up on that one. Winter Bros. Waste Systems is the trash removal Sherman customers can count on for all their recycling and trash removal services.

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