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More Business thanks to Support from Norwalk Garbage Collection

A strip mall owner contacted Oak Ridge Waste Systems about how to start Norwalk garbage collection services. The property owner wanted to support a new tenant, but couldn’t accommodate them until he had the strip mall signed up for Norwalk garbage collection with Winters Bros. Waste Systems. The strip mall owner wanted to have the new tenant because it would bring more rent money along with added traffic, so the strip mall owner contacted Oak Ridge Waste Systems and signed up for Norwalk garbage collection.

Oak Ridge Waste Systems created a customized delivery for the restaurant tenant that would be opening at the strip mall. The Norwalk garbage collection would provide a solid waste container that would meet the needs of the new restaurant, and recycling too. Our customer service team worked with the restaurant that was soon to be opening at the strip mall to meet their needs in waste and recycling, then devised a plan that also met their budget, which was important for the new and upcoming restaurant.

The strip mall owner contacted us after the restaurant was opened at the strip mall to let Oak Ridge Waste Systems know that now that we suppled garbage collection for the restaurant that there are many new customers coming to the strip mall, and the restaurant was a pleasant addition to the strip mall and the community. Winter Bros. Waste Systems is the Norwalk garbage collection experts that work with each business to meet their needs and expectations.