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Homeowners in Darien had just finished remodeling their dining room. The remodel was completed just in time for a fabulous New Year’s Day celebration. The homeowners had the whole room gutted for the remodel and needed a reliable roll off Darien homeowners could trust for easy access and a fast removal so the couple contacted Oak Ridge Waste Systems. The knowledgeable staff at Oak Ridge Waste Systems went over the needs of the homeowners and selected the precise roll off dumpster that they would need.

The crew delivered the roll off dumpster at the Darien residence and the husband showed the crew where he wanted the dumpster placed. He wanted it near where all the debris and junk was piled, so he wouldn’t have to walk carrying all the debris a long distance. The crew placed the dumpster and let the customer know when they were done to just call the office and they would return immediately to retrieve it for them. The couple called their sons and daughters over to help fill the dumpster and at the end of the day the dumpster was filled. The couple called the office to have it picked up and our crew went right out and picked up the dumpster. The Darien couple ended up throwing a great party and was pleased they called Oak Ridge Waste Services for the dumpster and they were not disappointed. The customers were impressed that we offered them with speedy services.

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