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A customer in Redding contacted Oak Ridge Waste. The customer was a former baseball player who was doing some home remodeling, and he was having a new claw foot tub and stone countertops installed in his bathroom. The contractor that was performing the bathroom remodel recommended a couple different companies for the Redding dumpster rental, but the retired athlete knew he wanted his roll off from Oak Ridge Waste in Connecticut.The retired athlete told the contractor that he had done business with us before in the past, and that experience showed him that we are an honest company. He called Oak Ridge Waste to describe the remodeling project that was taking place in his home and the extent of the work being done. Based on that conversation we recommended a ten yard dumpster for him. He agreed with our suggestion and went ahead with the rental, and our crew delivered the dumpster. We let him know that he could just call us when they were done with the work and we would pick it up the same day for him. The contractor worked on the bathroom remodel and disposed of all the trash and debris into the dumpster. When the project was done the homeowner contacted us to retrieve the dumpster, which is when our crew returned to the home and picked it up. The contractor was so impressed with our quick response and knowledge that he said that he would be recommending Oak Ridge Waste to his clients from now on because we were the professional dumpster rental company Redding homeowners could depend upon for affordable dumpsters and quick delivery and pickup services

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