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A Fairfield man was building out a deck and had a combination of yard waste and demolition scrap that he needed to get rid of. He didn’t want to have to worry about separate dumpsters for the yard waste and for the demolition project so he contacted Winters Bros. Waste Systems for a Fairfield dumpster that he could have at his property for a while. The Winters Bros. Waste Systems sales team went over the needs with the customer and determined that he would need a 10 yard container, because this would be plenty of room for all of his debris and trash.

The Winters Bros. Waste System arrived at the Fairfield home to deliver the dumpster. The homeowner showed the team where to place the dumpster, and again made sure that there was no time limit for the dumpster. We let the customer know that he could keep it and just to give us a call when he was ready for us to retrieve it. The customer was quite surprised at how affordable a 10 yard container was, and he was glad to know that he could rent it for the duration of his project without being charged extra, which most of the other waste service providers quoted him. The customer was finished with the dumpster and called us. Our team went out and picked it up when he requested. He said if he ever encounters another project, then he will call Winters Bros. Waste Systems for affordable dumpster Fairfield homeowners would appreciate.

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