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A father of three was being nagged from his kids for throwing away recyclables. The kids kept telling their dad the importance of recycling and they recycle at school and they really wanted their family to recycle because it is better for the environment. The father started feeling guilty and knew that his children were right, but he realized that his current garbage service didn’t offer a simple recycling solution. He called the best company for garbage removal Norwalk had to offer, which was Oak Ridge Waste Systems.

The dad asked his neighbors who they used for their recyclables and each of them said Oak Ridge Waste Systems, so with all of the recommendations he knew this was the company to call. The staff informed the customer that we offered single stream recycling to make it easy on our clients. He ordered the service and let his kids know that they would start recycling. The father at first thought it would be a big hassle, but soon found out that it was quite easy to do. Oak Ridge Waste Services offered comprehensive services and single stream recycling, so the Norwalk family can recycle everything without it being a big drag. Oak Ridge Waste Services arrive on time each week to pick up the garbage and the recyclables, which was impressive to the father. He told his children if he knew it would’ve been this easy than he would’ve contacted Oak Ridge Waste Services sooner, because we are the garbage removal experts in Norwalk.

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