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A group of recent college grads contacted Winters Bros. Waste Systems, because the students were getting ready to leave town to go their separate ways. The newly minted bachelors had held one last summer of fun parties for their friends at the house they rented together. These nice kids had worked really hard for many years and wanted to send off their experience in style. They had rented a small house in New Canaan, and had to get rid of all their gross old college furniture. The grads knew that with the last crazy party of the summer along with all the old furniture they would need the largest dumpster rental New Canaan could offer them, so they contacted Winters Bros. Waste Systems. They knew Winters Bros. Waste Systems provides a variety of dumpster sizes to meet everyone needs and preferences after one of the bright kids remembered his father using Winters Bros. for dumpster rentals and trash services in the past.

Winters Bros. Waste Systems went over the needs of the alums, and together came up with a dumpster size for them. Winters Bros. Waste Systems delivered the dumpster to the house, and let them know that anytime they were ready for a pickup all they had to do was to call and Winters Bros. would be out that day to retrieve the dumpster. The former college students held their last summer crazy party, then had a huge mess to clean. The dumpster was an excellent choice for the whole event. Winters Bros. provided the largest dumpster rental New Canaan offered, and the young men felt very lucky and glad to be able to use Winters Bros. Waste Systems’ dumpster services, because it was just what they needed.

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