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A family really wanted to get rid of a lot of junk from their grandmother’s house, because they had just inherited it. The family wanted to save money by doing the loading themselves, so they called Winters Bros. Waste Systems for a Fairfield County dumpster rental, and was glad they did, because Winters Bros. Waste Systems talked with the parents to determine the correct size of dumpster, then we delivered it to the Fairfield County home when the family wanted it delivered.

The Winters Bros. Waste Systems team delivered the dumpster and the family immediately went to work emptying the house. Within two weeks the family had the house cleared out and the dumpster was full. The couple contacted us and we went out to pick up the dumpster, and when our crew got there they asked if they had to pay more money for the items in the dumpster to be separated, then take the items that were recyclable out. We let the customers know that we would handle all of that, because that was all included in the dumpster rental. The family thanked Winters Bros. Waste Systems for providing them with the perfect size dumpster and for being so thoughtful in their time of need. They said that Winters Bros. Waste Systems is the dumpster rental experts Fairfield County residents can depend upon in a time of need. The couple said that they appreciated us and our affordable services.

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