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A small Stratford neighborhood was reorganized by some community members, and began obtaining Stratford trash collection from Oak Ridge Waste Systems. A few of the Stratford neighbors contacted Oak Ridge Waste Systems two months after having service with us. The Stratford neighbors wanted to let Oak Ridge Waste Systems know that trash collection Stratford neighbors were using was outstanding. They didn’t realize how bad their trash collection was before until Oak Ridge Waste Systems started doing their trash collection. Many times the Stratford neighborhood would have service outages, and that left the customers with unsightly and unpleasant garbage piled up at their homes. The Stratford neighbors said they are happy with the trash collection services that we have provided, because we offer driveway service, which is great because many of the neighbors are older and retired, and this makes it so much easier for them. They also said that the neighborhood can set their clock by our trash collection, because Oak Ridge Waste Systems arrives at the same, exact time each week, and has never missed a day, no matter what the weather conditions are.

Oak Ridge Waste Systems has been providing trash collection Stratford neighborhoods can depend upon. We thrive on providing each customer with personal service, reliability, and quality trash collection that our customers in Stratford can rely on. Oak Ridge Waste Systems thrives on making our customers happy, and we offer curbside and driveway services for trash collection Stratford can afford and depend on.

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