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Stratford, CT Garbage Collector | Oak Ridge Waste Systems

Oak Ridge Waste is proud to be the top Stratford, Ct trash service company homeowners have used for years. We are a family-owned and operated business. We have been in business for over ten decades, and in other states including Florida and Vermont. Our employees and technicians are highly trained and qualified, so Stratford, Connecticut can expect quality waste system services.

Waste Services Offered in Stratford, Connecticut

Oak Ridge Waste offers complete waste services in Stratford, Connecticut, which include:

  • Confidential Document Shredding
  • Waste Transfer Stations
  • Residential Recycling and Garbage Pickup
  • Roll-Off Containers and Dumpster Rentals
  • Carting Company
  • Recycling

Oak Ridge Waste offers fast, efficient waste disposal services. We have a wide variety of choices in sizes of dumpsters, so our customers will only pay for the size of dumpster that they need. Our waste disposal is provided by our trained and qualified employees, and we also specialize in offering the highest quality of trash service in the city.

Stratford, Connecticut

A harbor used by sailors who also rent any size of dumpster they need for their personal projects via Winters bros.

Stratford is a charming town located on Long Island Sound. The town is also located at the mouth of the Housatonic River. The Puritans founded the town in 1639, and today the town has a population of 51,384. Stratford has five islands on the Housatonic River, and these islands include the Long Island, Pope’s Flat, Carting Island, Peacock Island, and Goose Island. Unfortunately none of the islands are inhabited, because of the low elevations. Beach lovers come to Stratford for the great beaches located here. The Russian Beach, Short Beach and Long Beach are the most popular beaches visited by tourists.

If you are coming to Stratford for the first time, then make sure you visit the Stratford Point Light. The Stratford Point Light is a historic lighthouse that is located at the mouth of the Housatonic River. The lighthouse sits on four acres, and was built in 1822. The Stratford Point Light is one of the oldest lighthouses in Connecticut. Stratford is a great town to live in, but a better town to visit.

Oak Ridge Waste caters to Stratford, Connecticut residents and businesses with our exceptional waste services. One priority of ours is to put our customers’ needs first. We are dedicated in providing the best waste services in the industry. If you need trash pickup, dumpster rental, or any of our waste services, then contact us today and we will get you set up and all of your needs met immediately.

Our Recent Stratford, Connecticut Jobs

Stratford Garbage Removal Services Are Never Botched Like the Other Guys!

A couple was using a garbage removal company that the past residents had used, but the garbage removal company had switched management several times (which ultimately made their service unreliable). Many times the couple’s trash was never picked up, which led to their trash accumulating in a smelly and unattractive pile. Finally, the wife called the company but was treated unkindly. She was furious. She was talking to one her neighbors about this problem, and on the recommendation of the neighbor she called a different garbage removal company Stratford residents are easily offered dependability by. That company was Oak Ridge Waste Systems.

Oak Ridge Waste Systems understood the woman’s concerns, because having your garbage picked up is a necessity. We let her know that we go that extra mile just to please our customers. We have been providing reliable and dependable garbage removal Stratford residents could set their clocks on. Our service team are always on time. The lady was thrilled, and asked us to start immediately. The next scheduled day we picked up her trash, on time as scheduled. It has been a month since the customer started service with Winter Bros. Waste Systems, and we called her to see how her services has been going. She said that she is blessed to have called the garbage removal specialists, because not once has her garbage been forgotten.

Community Agrees on Quality of Stratford Trash Collection

A small Stratford neighborhood was reorganized by some community members, and began obtaining Stratford trash collection from Oak Ridge Waste Systems. A few of the Stratford neighbors contacted Oak Ridge Waste Systems two months after having service with us. The Stratford neighbors wanted to let Oak Ridge Waste Systems know that trash collection Stratford neighbors were using was outstanding. They didn’t realize how bad their trash collection was before until Oak Ridge Waste Systems started doing their trash collection. Many times the Stratford neighborhood would have service outages, and that left the customers with unsightly and unpleasant garbage piled up at their homes. The Stratford neighbors said they are happy with the trash collection services that we have provided, because we offer driveway service, which is great because many of the neighbors are older and retired, and this makes it so much easier for them. They also said that the neighborhood can set their clock by our trash collection, because Oak Ridge Waste Systems arrives at the same, exact time each week, and has never missed a day, no matter what the weather conditions are.

Oak Ridge Waste Systems has been providing trash collection Stratford neighborhoods can depend upon. We thrive on providing each customer with personal service, reliability, and quality trash collection that our customers in Stratford can rely on. Oak Ridge Waste Systems thrives on making our customers happy, and we offer curbside and driveway services for trash collection Stratford can afford and depend on.

Latest Dumper Rentals in Stratford, CT

Winter Bros. keeps all of its Stratford, CT waste removal projects here. So check back often!