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Stamford, CT Garbage Company | Oak Ridge Waste Services

The residents in Stamford, Connecticut contact the professional company that can provide all the right services to cover their needs. The professional trash company they all call is Oak Ridge Waste Systems, because we provide Stamford trash pickup that the residents can depend upon. Oak Ridge Waste Systems is a family owned and operated business dedicated to serving Stamford, Connecticut. We provide complete garbage company services that will fulfill all your needs. We are eager to provide complete waste services for you.

Garbage Collection Services Offered in Stamford, Connecticut

Oak Ridge Waste Systems offers complete waste services in Stamford, Connecticut. These services include:

  • Residential Trash Service
  • Commercial Trash Service
  • Roll-Off Containers
  • Dumpster Rentals
  • Recycling
  • Carting Company
  • Confidential Document Shredding
  • Waste Transfer Stations
  • And so much more…

Oak Ridge Waste Systems is a second generation company that offers first class service. Our business was built upon family values, honesty, and integrity. When you order any of our services you will receive reliable, quality attention and care.

Stamford, Connecticut

Stamford is the third largest city in Connecticut, and has a population of 128,278. Stamford’s nickname is “The City That Works.” The city was first known as Rippowan as it was named by the Native Americans who were the first inhabitants in the area. The name changed to Stamford when European settlers arrived. The city has a deep heritage, and is a welcoming city to all tourists and visitors.Oak Ridge Waste is the Stamford trash removal company that keeps the city clean.

The second tallest building in the city is One Landmark Square, and it is located in Downtown Stamford. If you love the arts, then you can find that in Stamford. The Franklin Street Works is an art space located downtown, and local artists display their work there. Nature lovers will enjoy visiting the Stamford Museum and Nature Center. The Stamford Museum and Nature Center is located on 118 acres, and there is a sculpture of Mount Rushmore located on the premises along with a variety of artifacts and works done by Gutzon Borglum.

Cummings Park is a popular beach for residents and visitors. Cummings Park was developed in 1906, and is perfect for shell fishing, fishing, swimming, boating, and just enjoying the sun. The Cove Island Park is also a great place to enjoy theoutdoors. The Cove Island Park has several beaches, picnic areas, playgrounds, and it also has a wildlife sanctuary that is perfect for bird watchers. Stamford, Connecticut offers a variety of activities for everyone. It is a great city to visit and to live in.

Oak Ridge Waste Systems is the garbage collection service provider that Stamford, Connecticut residents contact. We offer competitive prices for our services. Contact Oak Ridge Waste Systems today, and one of our knowledgeable staff members will assist you with any questions or schedule you with a service.

Trendy New Store Relies on Roll Off Dumpster in Stamford

Winters Bros. Waste Systems was recently contacted by a new customer in Stamford. A new record shop was opening up inside an old warehouse soon. They needed to build out the shelving and make the place up to code, so they needed a Stamford roll off dumpster that could arrive on time and would be large enough to hold all of the materials from the project. Winters Bros. Waste Systems was more than ready to help out the young entrepreneurs with their new venture.

Our knowledgeable staff with Winters Bros. Waste Systems went over the store owners on what all they would need to throw in the dumpster, so we could provide them with an accurate size. The staff determined that a twenty yard dumpster would be plenty of space for them, then we scheduled the delivery for later that morning. The crew arrived with the dumpster and placed it where we were requested. The shop owners went to work immediately building and making their shop ready for the upcoming inspection. They contacted us a week later to let us know that they were done with the dumpster and they were pleased to announce that their record shop could open anytime, because they passed all inspections and building codes. The crew returned and picked up the dumpster and the shop owners thanked Winters Bros. Waste Systems for providing them with the best roll off dumpster rental in Stamford, because we were timely, affordable, and highly professional.

Stamford Garbage Pickup Solves Problems for Busy Attorney

A lawyer in CT was sick of having to deal with sorting recycling with her old company. She didn’t have the time to sort all the recycling materials and she was tired of dealing with it, so she asked a few of her colleagues who to call for the best garbage pickup Stamford residents use, and everyone recommended Winter Bros. Waste Systems, so she called us and told us that she was looking for complete Stamford garbage pickup services. She explained that she didn’t want to have to waste time separating her trash and recyclables.

The Winter Bros. Waste Systems staff let the busy attorney know that we offered single stream recycling services along with other garbage services that would make her life easier. The attorney was pleased to hear this news and asked us to start the garbage pickup immediately. The following week we were at her office to pick up her trash. The customer was glad that her busy lifestyle was finally being accommodated and she did not regret her decision to change her waste service provider, because Winter Bros. Waste Systems provides this customer with complete garbage pickup services. She no longer has to sort all her recycling and each week our crew arrives on time. The attorney can now focus on doing what she loves doing, which is representing her clients. Winter Bros. Waste Systems is the professional garbage pickup company that all Stamford professionals can depend upon or reliable, affordable, and complete refuse services.

Updates on all out Stamford Garbage Collection News

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