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A retired cop had developed arthritis, which was beginning to significantly affect his life. He wasn’t able to do simple things in life that he used to do. His daughter was at his home the other day, and noticed her father was really struggling with his recycling. She noticed that he was separating all his recycling when he didn’t need to, because she knew there was a service offered called single stream recycling. This service would allow him to put all the recyclables in one container. and the trash company would take care of the sorting later. He had never heard of this before, but immediately decided he really needed to switch to single stream recycling, so he called Winter Bros. Waste Systems for the best waste disposal in Bridgeport. He was so glad that he could get his garbage collected on time while also having single stream recycling service, which took the strain off his hand.

The retired police officer’s daughter came over a few weeks later to see her dad, and found him lounging in the backyard drinking iced tea. She asked him what he was doing, and he told her he was just relaxing and enjoying himself. He said his life is so much easier since he had contacted Winter Bros. Waste Systems for his waste disposal in Bridgeport. He don’t have to worry about separating, lifting, or anything strenuous that would affect his joints. He thanked his daughter for suggesting the single stream recycling, because it has been a wonderful service!

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